“Don't downgrade your dream to match your reality. Upgrade your skills to match your vision.” — Dan Lok

High Ticket Business Accelerator

Give Me Just 10 Minutes A Day For The Next 21 Days And I Promise... 

You Will Make More Sales!

“Give Me Just 10 Minutes A Day For The Next 21 Days
And I Promise... “You’ll Make More Sales!”

High Ticket Is all about 

Adding a Zero

You add a zero to your business when:
  • You have a High Ticket Offer people can’t wait to pay a premium price for.
  • You build a pipeline of High Ticket Leads that brings consistency to your revenue.
  • You master the art of High Ticket Sales to maximize your conversion potential.


Launch Or Scale Your High Ticket Business 
With Predictability & Certainty
This is NOT for you if you:
  • Don’t have a business and have no intention of starting a business in the short term.
  • Have issues implementing proven tactics and strategies and don’t feel like working on your business mindset.
  • Are looking for a guru that will save your business with a magical formula and zero work.
This is for you if you:
  • Have a business (or you are starting one) and feel like you are getting average results and you are not sure what is really missing.
  • Are willing to invest time and money to improve your offers, your lead generation and your sales to turn your business into a High Ticket Business.
  • Are getting clients but you are struggling to keep up past results and margins are getting thinner by the month.

The 3 Pillars of high ticket business

Pillar #1
Pillar #1
High Ticket Offer
How to Create Irresistible High Ticket Offers Your Followers and Subscribers Can't Refuse
High Ticket Offer
How to Create Irresistible High Ticket Offers Your Followers and Subscribers Can't Refuse
Trainings you’ll find inside include:
Pillar #2
Pillar #2
High Ticket Leads
How to Attract A Flood of Premium High Ticket Clients Automatically
High Ticket Leads
How to Attract A Flood of Premium High Ticket Clients Automatically
Trainings you’ll find inside include:
Pillar #3
Pillar #3
High Ticket SALES
How To Close High Ticket Sales Without Being Pushy, Sleazy, or Feeling Inauthentic
High Ticket SALES
How To Close High Ticket Sales Without Being Pushy, Sleazy, or Feeling Inauthentic
Trainings you’ll find inside include:

Accelerate Your Progress By 
Unlocking Your High Ticket Mindset

Think Like A Millionaire (Value: $499.00)
How the top 1% reach their status and make it seem so effortless. Dan debunks the many myths surrounding high net worth people and reveals the mental shifts needed to ascend up the social status ladder.
Get Shit Done (Value: $499.00)
Dan shows you not only how to get it done, but also how to get it done RIGHT. Apply these productivity strategies with your team and your important projects will no longer fall by the wayside or get delayed.
Unlock Your Abundance (Value: $499.00)
There is a reason why smart people lack the success they seek, while other less talented achieve massive success. Dan shows you possible areas in your self-image that could be holding you back.
Unlock Your Confidence (Value: $499.00)
How to keep going, no matter what business and life throws at you. Dan reveals how to flip your "confidence switch" on, and keep it there every day.
High Ticket Business Blueprints
(Value: $495.00)
With these High Ticket Business Blueprints™ you can…
  • Quickly and easily attract a constant stream of A-grade clients to you - so you can put an end to the feast or famine client cycle, even if you hate marketing. And do it without wasting thousands of dollars a month on marketing agencies or ads that don’t work
  • Convert ice-cold leads into first time buyers, fast - without wasting hours of your time with people who don’t buy or putting up with failed launches that drain your energy and bank account
  • Say good-bye to trading time for dollars - with systems that effortlessly ascend clients to your high margin, high ticket products and services - so you can, spend less time delivering services and more time building a business that funds your lifestyle
  • Spend more time doing what you love - Discover the proven process for building monthly recurring revenue for long term prosperity - so you can finally break free of the trivial activities that keep you stuck in the daily grind of running your business
BEST OF DAN LOK (Value: $5,997.00)
Get instant access to 118 quick-fix answers to the most urgent questions a business owner may have, from Dan himself.

After years wrestling with the most tricky questions his clients had, Dan has selected the best questions and answers to place them into his ‘Best of Dan Lok’ collection.

Imagine that at any time, for any specific situation you could go straight to this collection and get a precise answer to: What would Dan do in that situation?

That’s the power you get.

It’s like having Dan’s wisdom at your fingertips all the time. 

Here’s a tiny sample of the 118 gems found in the Best of Dan Lok:
“If you're the best, no one would expect you to be the cheapest. If you're the cheapest, no one would believe you are the best.”
Accountability that nearly eliminates any chance of procrastination
  • Get personalized accountability from Team Dan Lok to remove any chance of not implementing the High Ticket Business Accelerator in your business.
  • Get exclusive access to the HIGH TICKET EXPERT Group in Telegram and enjoy the benefit of being closed to other business owners implementing Dan’s programs.  
  • Get that extra push you need on those low-energy days.
Dan Has Been Featured On
 How can High Ticket Business Accelerator™ help me?
There are a thousand different ways to make a business successful and Dan doesn’t know them all. 

But after over 2 decades of helping businesses become bigger and more profitable he has mastered this one: The High Ticket Business Model. 

If you implement the high ticket business model in your business it will give you an offer that is easier to sell, consistent lead flow and great conversion rates.
 Who is the High Ticket Business Accelerator™ for?
Is it for you? Perhaps or Perhaps not.

Do you want to target the top 5% of your market? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to service the best clients in your industry and charge high ticket prices for it?

If the answer is yes, then you won’t find anything like this out there.

If your answer is no and you want to go mass market with cheap prices or you don’t have a business then this is not for you. No hard feelings.
 I am a newbie and just starting my business. Will this program help me?
It can, but there is a catch.

Because you are just starting you will have more to implement to see results than someone who already has a running business.

At the same time, you have an advantage. You have nothing to ‘undo’.

You are starting on the right track from the beginning and it’s only up to you to see it through.
 I have invested my hard-earned money into other programs in the past and they didn't deliver results. How is High Ticket Business Accelerator™ different from other programs on the internet?
I can't speak for other programs, but I can tell you Dan is not holding anything back on this one.

If you have a business or startup, you believe in high ticket and you can implement, then you should not have a problem making a return on your investment.

If you don’t think it’s worth it, talk to my team and get your money back immediately.
 High Ticket Business Accelerator™ sounds too good to be true. Will it really deliver everything you say?
I understand if you are skeptical. 

Unfortunately there are some programs online which over promise and under deliver. But if you take the time to read this page, you will see the value vastly exceeds the price.

So, yes, this program will give you the skills on how to create irresistible high ticket offers, attract high ticket leads and convert them into high ticket clients.
 Why am I still reading these questions?
Now that is an excellent question. I don’t know. 

Something is holding you back. Of course, making an investment in your business is an important decision.

But all successful business owners are decisive. They are right or wrong but never in doubt for long.

If you want to build a successful high ticket business, click the link below to get started.
Delivered Online, Instant Access
You’ll Get Instant Access To:
  • Offer Mistakes That Cost You Sales
  • ​Habits Of High Ticket Buyers
  • ​Instant Offer Statement
  • ​Premium Pricing Secrets
  • ​​Create Your Ideal Client Avatar
  • Authority Positioning
  • ​Power Of Attention
  • How To Attract Subscribers
  • ​Crafting Compelling Organic Content
  • ​​Scaling With Paid Ads
  • Secrets Of Selling High Ticket
  • ​Get Past Any Gatekeeper Effortlessly
  • Perfect Closing Script™
  • ​Objection Handling
  • ​​Effective follow up strategies
  • Stay on track and achieve more
  • Get encouragement on low-energy days
  • ​Exclusive deals and bonuses
  • Think Like a Millionaire
  • Get Sh*t Done
  • Unlock Your Abundance
  • ​Unlock Your Confidence
  • High Ticket Offers Blueprint™
  • ​High Ticket Lead Generation Blueprint™
  • High Ticket Conversion Blueprint™
  • ​High Ticket Ascension Blueprint™
  • ​​High Ticket Client Retention Blueprint™
  • 118 gems of practical business advice
Total Value: $14,488
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1 Easy Payment Of $495 
  • The All New Completely Revised LIVE Virtual 90-day High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 Curriculum With The King Of Closing, Sifu Dan Lok
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